We are metroline, but everyone has to have family... Elan Designs Ltd. is the proud parent, and still offers the clean classic looks, in both traditional and contemporary styles that you are used to. These can be seen at www.elansofas.com where you'll see our classic styles, pared down and dressed in cream, so you can see the lines of the piece, and imagine it covered in your choice of fabric. Our standards are still the highest anywhere, and everything is made by hand, not punched out on a machine, whether it's metroline or Elan Classic. And we still manufacture the most comfortable, well-made, best-looking sofas sectionals and chairs around.

We also want to let you know that if you are looking for contemporary art (that is not mass produced and big-box sold) you should check out www.gallery-803.com which is another happy member of our family.

We ship prepaid to all locations in U.S. and Canada. Give us your zip code or postal code and we can quote. For a ballpark idea on shipping, check our to order page. Please remember, to offer you the best rates, we ship business to business addresses.

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